Margarita Cruz-amaro


First of all, I’m very excited to share with you a little bit about me and my family…. I am a SAH & a WAHM mom.

We [ my family and my self work hard together as a family]….

Here are some pics of my family: Here are a pics of the loves of my life

Here is a pic of my 3 pride and joys sitting all together… I really love and cherish this pic because they did this pic w/o me knowing and gave it to me for x-mas 2008…

the amaro kids-Left to Right-Markitah, Chris,Brenda

I hate be biased but…my my family is beautiful arent they?

Well lets see….I love to cook, bake, read…yes I did say read. LOL…. I also love to make new friends..

But not only do I love to make new friends…I love the lasting relationships that I have with them….

I love to teach and mentor ppl… I guess you can say I’m a teacher at heart. Even thought I hate a “classroom” setting.

I hate to sell so dont expect that from me… I have made alot of friends and lasting relationships on alot of Social Networking sites…

I guess you can say what inspired me in finding my passion and purpose, – was that I love to help other people achieve their goals and dreams. My focuses are in developing leaders and building strong organizations for your company.

You see I have been in the networking industry for more then 25yrs. This has been possible because I have the support of the most wonderful man ever created {MY HUSBAND AND KIDS}. If I could bottle them all up and sell them I would be richer then Bill Gates…

I am so passionate in what I do .
I truly believe that working your business your way while being part of an organization that supports you in every way possible, you have the best of both worlds.

If you allow yourself time to build, grow mentally, finding tools, resources, and people to help build a satisfying business. You have then just created yourself a huge Gold Mine.

Imagine becoming whatever you want to be through honesty, persistence, education and old fashioned hard work.

Are you passionate? Are you easily coachable? Do you love the joy of helping other people and bringing out qualities from their inner depths that they did not know they had?

If you want to know more pls drop me a line and let me know why would you qualify to be in our company…

place your info at the bottom or if you are more private pls send me a pesonal message on here or email me at…

I look forward to meeting with you…

Your Partner In Success ☺


To Your Wealth, Health and Success !!!!

Margarita I Cruz-Amaro
Distributor , Coach & Mentor
630-965-9716 / 630-908-8060




  1. very nice to read your profile. realy you are smare lady

  2. Hey Chica,

    You are one busy woman. I have to say though you have yourself a beautiful family. You work hard at what you do and it shows. I’m glad to have you as my sponsor.

  3. Lyndell Thank you for your kind words…but pls forgive me. How am I your sponsor…with which company?

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