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Do You Think Social Media is Confusing, Distracting and a Complete Waste of Time?

It Can Be – But it Doesn’t Have to Be!

Is Social Media a Fad? Do You Hate the Technology Or Do You Feel Queasy About the Loss of Time, Privacy & Control?

Here are just some of the myths that direct sellers have about social media:

*”Facebook is a time drain and it’s only useful for finding old classmates and catching up with friends”, says one client.

*”I’ve heard about Twitter, but the whole idea of getting involved in it seems overwhelming” says another client.

*”The dot com bubble burst in the late 1990s, so it’s only a matter of time before the social media hype dies down”.

*”Aren’t blogs used for entertainment gossip and Hollywood stars to let their fans know what they’re up to?” asks a friend.

What if you could learn:

*A simple, social media strategy
*How to plan your time and integrate social media into your daily business routine
*How to build relationships in just minutes a day

Direct Sales Social Media Expert Jennifer Fong and Direct Sales Trainer Julie Anne Jones have joined forces to offer you an easy, affordable way to learn a STEP-BY-STEP process for getting into the social media “game.” This course is designed exclusively for direct sellers and I know the information is going to be amazing!

Go the this link to learn more:
click here

Margarita I Cruz


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