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This week,this month, determine that you will live your own life,
in your own way, to the very best of your ability. Be as
eccentric and unique and joyful as you truly are! Do even
one new thing or one thing differently. Spend one hour 
exploring the highest and best that is in you. I KNOW
you’ll like the results ;-)
“Don’t compromise yourself. You are all you’ve got.”
― Janis Joplin

Have you ever thought of something brilliant
you could have said to someone if you had just
thought of it in time? That’s how you improve
your sales presentation. After each presentation
think about what you could have said better.

You can have the worst presentation in the world and
still make sales if you talk to enough people.

Every salesperson wishes for prospects who
are able and eager to buy. What most of those
salespeople really need is training and coaching
on how to make that happen.


Great leaders, past and present, surround themselves
with people who have greater talents and abilities
than themselves.

Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.
~ Albert Einstein


April 15th is Fast Approaching!

Your 2009 federal and state tax returns should be submitted by this Thursday— April 15th. Whether you owe no money to the IRS, expect a refund or even if you can’t pay your tax bill in full—you must still file a tax return by April 15th. If you don’t, you could face a penalty for filing late. Additionally, if you owe taxes, you will be assessed penalties for underpayment.

What if you cannot afford to pay your taxes? If your return is complete but you are unable to pay the full amount due, do not request an extension. File your return on time and pay as much as you can. The IRS will send you a bill or notice for the balance due. You can also apply for an installment payment plan or file Form 9465 with your return.

What if you cannot complete your return in time? If you cannot file your income tax return by April 15th, both the IRS and states allow you to extend your filing deadline by six months. However, this is an extension to file your return, not an extension to pay the taxes that you owe. You are still required to estimate and pay the tax that you will owe, otherwise you could be assessed penalties and monthly interested.

For more information on filing an extension on your tax return, visit

Decide what you want and the life you prefer, then focus
your time, energy and effort to that end. Use resources
wisely and create a Personal Eco-System(tm) that supports
you perfectly, then out-perform and out-last the
competition. There are no alternatives. Extraordinary
achievement is the result of those four simple steps.

There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it.
~ Edith Wharton

02/25/2010“A happy marriage is a long conversation that always seems too short.”
― Andre Maurois


Fear of rejection is the single greatest reason
people don’t make money in sales. By actually going
out and inviting rejection, you overcome your fear
in stages:

1. You get it and it bothers you.
2. You get it and it doesn’t bother you.
3. You get it and turn it to your advantage.
4. You get it and you have fun with it.


An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.
~Benjamin Franklin

It’s not how many times you failed that matters—it’s
how many attempts you made.


Look around you. Every successful person you see is
the result of a good presentation.


It’s very difficult to sell friends and family because
they will think you are selling even when you are not.


Nothing excites the imagination like an idea that
has begun to manifest into reality.



On the journey to success, the only way you can
learn when to change direction is when you
encounter failure.


By recognizing and accepting the things you cannot
do well, you will cause the universe to present things
to you that you can do well.

In business you will not be judged by how many
times you failed but by how many times you
succeeded, and your successes are in direct
proportion to the number of times you failed
and tried again.

I’ve never met a great salesperson who didn’t
have a good sense of humor.

Be very careful who you choose to be a part of your
business. Your long-term success is more dependant
on the quality of the people who work for you than
on the quantity.


MLM Lead Generation: How To Unsubscribe From MLM Lead Prospecting Robocalls Like Ibuzzpro

This describes mlm lead generation, mlm lead lists, mlm leads and how to remove or unsubscribe yourself from mlm prospecting robocalls like ibuzzpro.

If you’re like most mlm distributors I know, you’re receiving at least a dozen of mlm lead generation prospecting calls a week from robocall systems like ibuzzpro. Each call starts out with something like…

“Hello there… I was looking at your business on the Internet and I just have a few questions… If you could call me back…”

If you’re like me, you’ve dialed a few back only to find that you have dialed into a Sizzle Line that is prospecting you.

Has that happened to you?

In today’s article, I’m going to give you a quick tip on how to remove yourself from that caller’s list. Now keep in mind that it won’t remove you from everyone’s list. But hopefully it will remove you from this caller’s list.

Whenever you receive a pre-recorded robo call, hit the 9 key on your telephone keypad. You should hear a recording that tells you that you have been removed from future calls.

If the 9 key doesn’t work, hit the 8 key.

If the 8 key doesn’t work, hit the 7 key.

You get the idea. Start hitting keys one by one until you hit a key that makes the service unsubscribe you.

Ideally robocall services are supposed to allow consumers the ability to unsubscribe themselves in this manner. That doesn’t mean they’ll offer it to you. Nor does it mean that they’ll honor your unsubscribe request. But that’s how it is supposed to work.

I don’t know about you but I find robocalls from systems like ibuzzpro to be a big annoyance. They tie up my time and my resources. And I’m sure they do the same for you.

You know, I started to ask myself… “What kind of distributor is attracted to robocall systems like ibuzzpro?”

It seems to me that using robocall techniques for mlm lead list prospecting is a lot like sending out 100,000s of prospecting bulk emails. You have to throw a lot out there in order to find anything. And when you do, you make a lot of people mad. And you’ve created a mess. In the case of robocalls, you’ll be creating a legal mess for yourself soon if you continue to use robocalls for mlm lead prospecting as it becomes illegal beginning September 1, 2009.

Instead of blasting people with robocalls, consider calling people individually. Interview them. See if they’re a match for you and your business. That is how the big players of our industry have built their businesses. They’ve taken “cold market” people and turned them into their personal, extended “warm market”.

Start expanding your personal, extended warm market today. Click here to see Today’s Lead Specials.

This described mlm lead generation, mlm lead lists, mlm leads and how to remove or unsubscribe yourself from mlm prospecting robocalls like ibuzzpro.



Buying 100% into the theory of duplication can be a detriment
to your business


If you don’t have a clear plan on how you’re going to earn an
extra $500 next week, how in the world are you ever going to
reach your goal of earning $25,000 a month (or whatever
your goal is)?

Something to think about

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