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this inspirational film about the power of the human spirit…pls listen with an open mind


The month of June wraps up the National Basketball and National Hockey Championship games.
These events require players and coaches that value teamwork to help their team become
champions on and off the playing field. However, saying it versus committing to the principles
to grow teamwork can be two different things. The Simple Truths title and movie, Pulling Together
by author John Murphy, present the ten rules for high performance teams in a way that every
person on a sports team or in an organization can understand and implement.

Enjoy the short 3 minute movie, Pulling Together, that shares how to cultivate trust, respect,
unity and power within any team through Lessons from Geese.

A group becomes a team when each member is sure enough of himself and his
contribution to praise the skills of the others.

~Norman Shidle~

Stop blaming others for your failures and start taking responsibilty for your actions

click link below

The Right Way To Handle Negative
“Stuff” On Google About Your Company

By: Rachel Embry and Tim Sales

When I first saw this video I thought, “Tim is so cool…he’s thought of everything.”

What the heck do you do when a prospect emails you saying, “I watched the presentation and it looks good, but I just Googled the company and am really concerned about what I see there.”

Do you panic?

For many prospects, seeing negative stuff on Google is a deal killer for sure.

So, what should you do?

Did you know that Tim has created a video specifically to handle this type of situation?

Remember Administrative Professionals Day-April 27

The beautiful story of Johnny, the grocery store bagger truly captures the essence of service. It takes only 3 minutes to watch it, and I truly hope you’ll share it with every person in your organization. It brings service and life into perspective.

Only a few stories that we read impact us so much that we just cannot stop thinking about them and Andy Andrew’s, The Butterfly Effect, is one of those stories. Enjoy this 3 minute movie to be reminded of how your life matters and has a ripple effect on family, friends, and all those around us.

Based off of Marcy Blochowiak’s quote, “You are always one choice away from changing your life,” the newest Simple Truths title, One Choice, asks the question,”Are you sitting on the fence of indecision awaiting the courage to take action?” Mac Anderson invites you to begin changing your life, and encourages that it starts with only one choice. See below for your link to the One Choice product page.

One Choice

Rich and Famous of AVON

To start your own Business go to
and use reference code: mcruzamaro

P.S. Pls make sure you use your “official” name as shown on your state i.d.

Get Ready for Customer Service Week

Customer Service Week 2010 is October 4th-8th. This national event is devoted to honoring the people who serve and support customers. Give back to them this week to let them know how much you appreciate their kind efforts that keep customers feeling special, build customer loyalty and affirms your dedication to support their efforts to provide top notch customer service.

The beautiful story of Johnny, the grocery store bagger truly captures the essence of service. It brings service and life into perspective. It takes only 3 minutes to watch it, and I truly hope you’ll share it with every person in your organization. Click on video above ☺


The best free videos are right here


Trump/Kiyosaki-Why They Want You To Be Rich

Why Gourmet Candle Business

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