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Tina Turner

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“Whatever is bringing you down, get rid of it. Because you’ll find that when you’re free . . . your true self comes out.”

Beware the Dream Stealers by Dr. Denis Waitley

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Although your own internal measurements are the most important, you will occasionally need to seek external feedback on your progress toward your goals. When you do, be sure it is from people who are truly interested in seeing you succeed. Don’t seek feedback from fair-weather friends, competitive peers, or any person who doesn’t have your best interests at heart. Neutral doesn’t count. Get feedback from someone who is on your side but will still be objective and honest with you.

I’ve observed time and again that misery truly does love company. Jealousy creates some of the most miserable people I know. Surpass the achievements of your particular social crowd or your business colleagues, and look out for the slings and arrows of those who wish you were back where they are. You have to dodge the snide remarks and catty comments. Let them roll right off you. Don’t internalize them.

Only pay attention to feedback from those who have similar goals or who are working actively alongside you to achieve goals of their own. Motives and fears run deep. Study them in others. The sympathetic fair-weather friend who supports you and comforts you when you’re down, may like you best when you are in just that state: down and dependent.

Ultimately, nobody else is responsible for your life but you. Nobody else is accountable for your actions but you. Therefore, nobody’s expectations for you and opinions about you are as important as your own. So make sure those take precedence in your mind over all others, and if you do need to consult with someone else, think very carefully before you choose exactly who.

Equally important, be prepared to sell your ideas to an indifferent world. As passionate as you are about your business and the fact that your products and services will have positive, life-changing benefits to everyone you meet, you are going to find resistance every time you tell your story.

People are most interested in their own dreams and goals. They have difficulty believing that you have found a better way than they have to reach them. They are suspicious and guarded when anyone tries to sell them or change their minds. Rather than have others steal your dreams by raining on them, ask questions and find out about their dreams before you launch into your sermon. People buy what they want first, then what they need. Find what turns them on. It may not be what turns you on. By helping others get what they want, you´ll get what you want too!

— Denis Waitley

It’s time for a BOARD MEETING!

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It’s time for your annual BOARD MEETING! If you are married, it is imperative that you sit down with your spouse. (If you are single, sit down with yourself or a business buddy.) The agenda is simple and yet extremely effective for long range business planning. The goal is two-fold. Firstly, to know where you’d like to be at this time next year with your business. Secondly, it is to communicate and share mutual goals with your spouse. Men(spouses) don’t like surprisesThis beginning of the year “board meeting” will include your spouse in your business (and vice versa) and will set a standard of “team work” within your household. 


Take this meeting seriously; giving it the respect it deserves. Do this without the children underfoot (this may require a little planning and perhaps even a night out with a babysitter – YOU PAY!)


Together you will sit down with your calendars for the year. What events are in place for both of you? When will your spouse be in and out of town? What meetings (including kick-offs and conventions do you have coming up?) If you are attending your company’s annual incentive trip, what are the dates? What activities do the children have and when?


Take some time to reflect on last year. Running a home business has its own set of challenges and certainly impacts family life both positively and sometimes negatively. What worked well last year and what needs to change? Be prepared to hear some things you might not like, but try not to get defensive and take it personally.


Share your goals for your business this year with your spouse. What are you working for this year? What would you like your income to be at the end of 2005 and how will that help your family? Is there another family bill that you will commit to paying this year with your business income (this is music to every spouse’s ear!) What company incentives are you working toward and what’s in it for your family? What help do you need from your spouse? How do you need to help him/her? Men (spouses) don’t like surprises!


Finally, present your business plan. What will you need to do to accomplish this goal? How many parties and recruiting appointments must you hold each week? What will your work schedule be in terms of evenings or days when you will be out doing parties and appointments? Be ready to tweak and fine-tune based on input from your spouse.


Treat your business like a business. Have a plan, work it, and give your spouse the job of holding you accountable to the plan. You will find that communication is the key to smooth sailing in a home-based business. Put a post-it note on your bathroom mirror or your refrigerator and don’t take it down

Special Team Call TONIGHT with VP of Scent-Sations! Guests included… :)

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Hi Everyone,

Please join our team call TONIGHT at 8:30 pm Eastern time. We will have the Vice President of the company on the line, and you will be able to learn a lot about this great opportunity.

Our team call will be opened by my very own upline Leader, and then the call will be passed on to our amazing VP, Charlie Umphred. After Charlie finishes speaking, he will open the call up for Q&A~

Here is your chance to have your questions answered by the VP of the company! If you are even slightly curious about Mia Bella Candles, and can fit 8:30 pm Eastern into your schedule, you will find it time well invested to be on this call.

My team members are encouraged to be on the call, as well as to invite your guests onto the call who may be considering getting started.

Hosts:Kristine Carpenter, and Charlie Umphred- VP of Scent-Sations, Inc.

Day&Time:Tuesday Night 1/6/09 :

TONIGHT!!at 8:30 pm Eastern timeCall number:1 (712) 338-8100Passcode:178811#

Talk to you then!


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