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Is Success a Scary Word?

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Is Success a Scary Word?.


There are more phobias out there than you can shake a stick at. There’s even one for people who are afraid of flutes! (Aulophobia, by the way.)

Sure, that sounds silly. But we come up with dozens of things to be afraid of every day in our lives that are — in their own way — pretty silly, too.

That’s why this week Dani Johnson wants you to start taking those fears seriously — and seriously learn how to conquer them. She knows that everyone has some fears, and they need to be overcome. And onMonday, July 25 from 9 p.m. to 10 p.m. CT, Dani’s insightful, important classic Monday Night Call“Are You Afraid of Success” will give you the low-down on how to throw those fears aside and walk away from them — for good!

In this call, Dani talks about:

  • The four biggest fears — and how they’ll prevent you from success
  • Why 90% of people who start a new business or venture or idea — fail
  • How the people around you can prevent, or help, you from achieving your goals
  • And more!

It’s all about real commitment to success, and a willingness to follow the steps Dani says will bring you what you want.

“The ones that take those steps half-heartedly, a wishy-washy desire, those people will not succeed,” says Dani. “Those that make up their mind that there is no turning back and burn their bridges — those are the ones that go out and make things happen.”

Are you ready to make things happen? Don’t indulge in your atychiphobia — that’s fear of failure, by the way — tune into Dani’s amazing Monday Night Call on Monday, July 25 from 9 p.m to 10 p.m.and get ready to change your life!

*To attend, just visit this page 15 minutes before start time and push the play button and/or call the phone number below!*

If you’d rather listen on the Web, just return to this page and press “play” on the bar below:

Please note: It is normal for Webcasts to pause from time to time. Feel free to invite your friends — these topics are useful for anyone who you think may benefit from Dani’s expertise and wisdom. You won’t want to miss this! Remember that caller and listener availability is extremely limited – so mark your calendar now and call in early.

NOTE: Access to the phone lines and interactive time with Dani is limited, so call in early. Everyonewill have access to the Web Simulcast.

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A Speaker’s Dream (via Sales Training Atlanta, Georgia – Victor Antonio’s Sales Influence Blog)

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by Victor Antonio Back in 1995 I heard a man by the name of Zig Ziglar speaking and that got me started on my speaking journey.  I've been at in on and off since then but never losing sight of my goal to one day be on the big stage. Visualization and focus are powerful things.  We never get want we want, when we want it.  But eventually, if you stay the course, the dream, the image in your mind becomes a reality.  Last week I spoke at the Gwinnet … Read More

via Sales Training Atlanta, Georgia – Victor Antonio's Sales Influence Blog

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