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to all my facebook friends and family. a

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to all my facebook friends and family. as I said yesterday {or 12/22} was my dads birthday. I have not gotten a chance to speak w/ him because I received the horrible horrible news of him taking a fall. He can not get out of bed right now. I spoke w/ his wife who is at his bed side taking care of him…

It pains me to not speak to my daddy. I was crying like a baby letting her know how I felt and how I missed talking to him{last time I spoke w/ him was 2 days before thanksgiving}

While all this was going on and I was on the phone long distance speaking w/ her my daughter Markitah & my son Christopher were seeing me all emotional and crying about their grand father.

But I do have the best kids ever… As I said I was{well still am} very emotionally distraught cuz’ I could not speak w/ my dad and I’m just thinking the worst… But I must have faith…

But my kids Chris and Markie during this time are all set w/ my early xmas present {unbeknownst to me of course}… made up a dvd in honor of me… Which totally mad me smile and laugh and for that I want to share this awesome video w/ you. pls let me know what you all think…

To Christopher Amaro , Markitah Charmayne Cruz-Amaro Brenda Cruz Amaro & Kanesha Walker thank you on the bottom of my heart.

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